A.S.K Rewinds


Established in 1978, and now employing more than fifteen highly-skilled staff, we specialise in repairing and rewinding all manner of motors - from the smallest DC motor through to the very largest of industrial electrical installations.


Here at ASK Rewinds, we undertake a wide range of repairs and rewinds to all sizes of motors. (1PH, 3PH, V-SPD, DC, P/Magnet, Servo's etc)

We can convert or modify any motor as well as carry out any mechanical repairs you need.
EX motors (flameproof) and semi-hermetic motors:
We undertake full repairs and rewinds to any specialist application motors.
Coils, brakes, fans, pumps, mechanical seals and transformers:
All repairs undertaken.
We also have a wide range of variable speed motors for hire.
24-hour breakdown cover:
What's more, we also have 24-hour breakdown cover for any relevant motor related on-site work.

  • Unit 5, Laneside, Off Metcalf Drive
  • Altham Industrial Estate
  • Accrington
  • BB5 5TU
  • Tel: 01282 776475
  • Fax: 01282 779438
  • Emergency:
  • Email: info@ask-rewinds-ltd.co.uk
  • Website: http://www.ask-rewinds-ltd.co.uk
  • Contacts: Chris Jupp