Eclipse Electrical Engineers Ltd


Eclipse Electrical Engineers Ltd offers your company a wide range of electrical and mechanical services all available 24hours a day, 7 days a week.



  • Full technical advice on any motor, gearbox, pump or fan problem
  • Advice on sizing motors, gearboxes, inverters and cables.
  • On site testing of motors and control systems.
  • On site overhauls for planned maintenance or emergency breakdown.
  • Site surveys of motors, gearboxes, carbon brushes, energy consumption and bearing analysis.
  • Rewind or repair of any make of electric motor AC and DC, licensed hazardous area repairs.

    • Kettlestring Lane, North York Trading Estate,
    • Clfton Moor
    • York
    • Y030 4WF
    • Tel: 01904 692783
    • Fax: 01904 690841
    • Emergency: 01904 692783
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    • Contacts: Chris Yeoman
      Andy Longbottom
      Paul Hopley