The Brook Crompton Motor Centre networked stock includes:

Single phase

  • 2 pole up to 5.5kW
  • 4 pole up to 5.5kW
  • 6 pole up to 0.55kW

Three phase safe area

  • 2 pole up to 160kW
  • 4 pole up to 185kW
  • 6 pole up to 150kW
  • 8 pole up to 30kW

Three phase Ex db/ Ex nA

  • 2 pole up to 15kW
  • 4 pole up to 18.5kW
  • 6 pole up to 5.5kW

AC Brake motors

  • 2 pole up to 1.5kW
  • 4 pole up to 22kW
  • 6 pole up to 7.5kw

AC Brake kits

DC Brake kits


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3 Phase AC

Hazardous Area AC

1 Phase AC

Minimum Stock holding at any Brook Crompton Motor Centre: Upto and Including 75kW 4P B3, 37kW 2P B3



Product Guide

Brook Crompton Product Guide

For an quick overview of the Brook Crompton range of products please browse our Product guide. Click here to access this guide.


Series 10

Series 10 Aluminium Motors

The Series 10 aluminium motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 18.5kW in frame sizes 56 to 160. The cast iron range of motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 900kW in frame sizes 71 to 450.